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Dingo and Bobcat Tiller

This tiller is available in 41" or 48" and with single motor or dual motor. Perfect for breaking up hard soil conditions, gardening, landscaping, vegetable farming and more. Allows you to till moving forwards or reverse with dual edge tines.
  • Available in 41" or 48"
  • Available with dual hydraulic motors or single motor
  • Replaceable dual edge tines
  • Greaseable Bearings
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Hoses and Flat Face couplers Included

Wheel Loader Grapple Bucket

Wheel Loader Grapple Bucket Metal scrap removal, clearing brush, and other light, yet cumbersome materials has never been easier than

Dingo and Bobcat Soil Conditioner

The Dingo and Bobcat soil conditioner attachment is used to prepare the land and lay a solid foundation. The rotating drum is fitted with carbide-tipped teeth that tear through clumps and burrow into the earth. To smooth a surface and grade it, secure the drum for a box blade effect. To prepare the soil while following the terrain's contours, place the drum in the float position. The soil conditioner is a valuable, cost-effective attachment that every landscaping crew should have. The soil conditioner attachment helps to pulverize the earth more quickly and efficiently. With this, you may make fewer passes with the tractor and reduce labor costs significantly. Besides, you can also attach a dingo soil cultivator attachment to prepare the soil.

Dingo and Toro Pallet Fork

Equipped with 36" long adjustable forks and with a lift capacity of 1,800 lbs. this set of pallet forks is perfect for getting in and out of tight spaces on your job site.  The 31" frame is designed to fit through 36" doors and its 1" x 3" tines provide ample strength for even the toughest loads.  42" forks are also available for this attachment.

Telehandler Light Material Bucket

Telehandler Light Material Bucket Heavy Duty light material bucket made out of 3/16" formed, reinforced wrapper and 1/2" x 4" wear bars. 3/4" x 8" wear resistant steel cutting edge.  Mounting brackets fit most Telehandlers and medium sized wheel loaders.

Skid Steer Side Dump Bucket

The side dump buckets from Melecio Attachments are versatile for a wide range of tasks, including tunnel excavation, river embankment building, trench filling and road demolition in sand, gravel, loose dirt, and rock. It is also a skid steer side dump bucket as you can easily opt for this attachment. This distinctive bucket may be used as a typical bucket with the addition of a detachable handle. It's ideal for working in crowded work environments and hard-to-maneuver areas, as well as being capable of dumping forward for conventional use.

Dingo, Toro, and Bobcat Grapple Bucket

This attachment is similar to the Dingo Brush Grapple Bucket except with a solid bottom wrapper. Perfect for general dirt work, moving scrap material, and small logs. Constructed of high-strength steel for increased durability and equipped with 3,000 PSI hydraulic cylinders the Dingo Grapple Bucket is perfect anywhere you need a bucket with a grapple to hold and stabilize material loads from the top.

Dingo, Toro, and Bobcat Brush Grapple Bucket

Constructed of high-strength steel for increased durability and equipped with 3,000 PSI hydraulic cylinders the Dingo attachment is perfect for general dirt work, moving scrap material and small logs.

Mini Bobcat Pallet Fork

The heavy-duty bobcat pallet fork attachment for small loaders makes it simple and quick to move large, bagged, or palletized materials. On a number of job sites, adjustable forks are used to load, unload, lift, carry, move, and position goods. You get a high-quality product that goes above and above industry standards with a load rating of 1350 lbs., as determined by Bobcat engineers who test the durability and strength of the frame and tines operating together. Put your bobcat pallet fork to work on tasks like gardening, construction sites, farm chores, managing fertilizer, and municipal projects. It's simple to assemble. The bobcat Pallet Fork Attachment for Small Loaders has been put to the test for durability and strength, and It is constructed to withstand the weight of goods that the 36" pallet fork teeth can lift, move, and convey.