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Skid-Steer Pallet Fork – Heavy Duty

HEAVY DUTY PALLET FORKS This heavy duty pallet fork attachment is designed to handle fork capacities of 5,500 lbs. The reinforced upper latch and cut out brick guard offers strength and smooth surfaces protect against load damage as well as increase visibility on the job site.

Skid Steer Tree Mover

Position plants, trees, large shrubs and rocks quickly and with ease Can grab up to 44″ tree balls 6″ tread

Skid Steer Side Dump Bucket

The side dump buckets from Melecio Attachments are versatile for a wide range of tasks, including tunnel excavation, river embankment building, trench filling and road demolition in sand, gravel, loose dirt, and rock. It is also a skid steer side dump bucket as you can easily opt for this attachment. This distinctive bucket may be used as a typical bucket with the addition of a detachable handle. It's ideal for working in crowded work environments and hard-to-maneuver areas, as well as being capable of dumping forward for conventional use.

Skid-Steer Snow Bucket – Medium Duty

Medium Duty, 3/4" x 6" cutting edge, wear bars 1/2" x 4"  40″ deep and 32″ tall with Universal Quick Attach. Moves larges volumes of snow or other loose materials efficiently.

Skid-Steer Trip Moldboard Snow Blade

Constructed with 10 gauge reinforced rolled moldboard and equipped with an AR400 high-carbon grade steel wear edge, this snow blade has the strength to perform in the harshest of environments. Its 30 degree blade angle and 2 heavy duty 3000 PSI cylinders allows this attachment to tackle tough loads with ease.

Skid-Steer Pallet Fork – Utility

These high quality universal fit pallet forks come with a cut out brick guard for strength and smooth surface to protect against load damage and increase visibility brings added safety to your job site while moving heavy loads.

Skid-Steer Walk-In Pallet Fork

WALK-IN PALLET FORKS Make the cab of your skid-steer more easily accessible with this set of walk-in pallet forks. The custom built frame allows for easy entry and exit from the cab and increases operator visibility on the job site.

Skid-Steer Tall Bale Spear

This 60” wide bale spear is equipped with 1 1/2” diameter forged spikes and comes with (2) 54” tall removable side posts to help stabilize large loads. This attachment has a lift capacity of 4,800 lbs. Both 32” and 39” tine lengths are available for this attachment as well as pin mounting or custom quick attach plates. Optional top spears.

Skid-Steer Rock Grapple Bucket

  • Utility
  • Heavy Duty
  • Compatible with the new Bobcat skid-steers. Grapples will clear the couplers.

Skid-Steer Low Profile Category I Bucket

Skid-Steer Low Profile Utility Category I Bucket This low profile dirt bucket is made of 3/16” steel for long lasting durability. Pick up and transport materials on your job site quick and easy with this attachment.
We also offer Serrated Edge bolt as optional

Skid-Steer Manure Fork

Constructed with a high-strength steel bucket shell and 28” usable tine length, this manure fork will make cleanup quick and easy. 1 3/4” diameter replaceable tines made of C1045 round steel spaced at 9” on center allow for maximum capacity and material handling capability minimizing your time on the job. Can be made for quick attach or pin. Optional Grapple