I was working full time for 14 years at FFC one of the most recognized manufacturing attachments companies in America. I enjoyed the job while it lasted, FFC closed down in 2009.  Melecio Attachments is proud to mention that we were born in a 2-car garage in 2008 as a hobby. I began manufacturing bale spears and pallets forks for local farmers and contractors. We have been growing over the years, in 2009 we built a shop that’s 9,000 square feet. In 2021 we have added another 6,000 square ft to improve quality and production.

Your To-Go Attachment Dealers in the USA!

With expertise and innovation, Melecio Attachments bring accommodation and top-notch services to the table. Just as the origin story, our company is iconic, from a 2-car garage to a fully-functional equipment company, we have grown with time through hard work and easily accessible deliveries. This company was mainly initiated as a hobby with bale spears and pallets forks as the main products only to be distributed on a small scale by local farmers and contractors. With our solid initiative, we have successfully built this empire. Melecio will never disappoint and will always bring the best foot forward, we flourish with you. 

We take great delight in this as a family-run company. Our goal is to offer products of the highest caliber in a convenient way. Our products are designed to help the agricultural and industrial sectors to grow with assistance, precision, and persistent speed. We present modern-day solutions for agricultural and construction issues, this way we not only provide a fast and accurate workflow but also enhance the security of the people involved with that heavy work. 

How We Got Here?
Melecio Attachments was not always this huge and recognized manufacturing attachments company in America from the start. We go way back to 2009, with few resources, a smaller budget, and hand full of staff. We have trained our organizational structure to be flexible and client-oriented, this structure has helped us cater our way through the industry. The basic supply in the initial year of 2009 was finalized by the founder himself. His 14 years of work experience became the fuel of the company’s growth vehicle. With the advent of time, the scope as well as the name of Melecio spread rapidly with the market, resulting in more visibility and clientele.

Melecio has grown immensely, from the initial 9000 square feet to the currently present 15000 square feet shop. This is just an addition to our new and improved quality and production in 2021. With combined efforts and resources, the company has expanded its product catalog to cater to multiple other needs within the industry. Melecio believes in making a difference, with excellence and good services.

We Flourish with You


Our Mission

We are proud of what we have to offer and committed to raising the bar on competence, openness, commitment, and service. In order to give our clients the greatest experience achievable, we always seek for approaches to enhance it.

Our Vision

Providing accuracy and accessibility to industries for yielding better agriculture and infrastructure. To cultivate better habitats for civilians with better crops and estates leading towards a life of ease and luxury.