Get the job done right with Melecio’s construction attachments. We offer a wide selection of attachments for your commercial and residential project.

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Dingo Snow Pusher

  • With 1″x 6″ premium grade rubber
  • 4” channel reinforced wrapper
  • For skid-steers and compact tractors, under 30 horse power
  • Replaceable Skid Shoes, Made with high carbon steel
  • Made with 3/16″ wrapper material
Fits Dingo Toro, Ditch Witch, BaumaLight Mini Skid Steers

Dingo and Bobcat Tiller

This tiller is available in 41" or 48" and with single motor or dual motor. Perfect for breaking up hard soil conditions, gardening, landscaping, vegetable farming and more. Allows you to till moving forwards or reverse with dual edge tines.
  • Available in 41" or 48"
  • Available with dual hydraulic motors or single motor
  • Replaceable dual edge tines
  • Greaseable Bearings
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Hoses and Flat Face couplers Included

Mini Bobcat to Dingo Adapter

A variety of mini skid steer adapter plates and systems are available for your mini skid steer at Melecio Attachments Inc. Start attaching to new attachments by locating plates and adapters for the majority of mini skid steer types! Our extensive selection guarantees that we have an adapter that will work for whatever machine and attachment combination you're looking to run.

Bobcat and Dingo Land Leveler

Dingo Land Leveler Model Size MCO7001D31 31″ Dingo Land Leveler MCO7001D36 36″ Dingo Land Leveler MCO7001D42 42″ Dingo Land Leveler

Dingo Stump Bucket

MCO8004D36 36" Dingo Stump Bucket

Mini Bobcat High Dump Bucket

Bobcat High Dump Bucket We can also make for dingo walk behinds This bucket will help you load dumpsters, trucks and more with your mini skid steer Available in 42" 46" 50" 60"
  • 2 3,000psi Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Greaseable pivot pins

Dingo Auger

Dingo Auger Dingo Bits available in 8" 12" 18" 24" 36" MCO110DA10
  • 20hp Eaton Motor
  • Recommended Flow 6-16GPM
  • 2" Hex Shaft
  • Max Pressure 3000Psi @ 11GPM
  • Max Flow 2300Psi @ 15GPM

Dingo and Bobcat Soil Conditioner

The Dingo and Bobcat soil conditioner attachment is used to prepare the land and lay a solid foundation. The rotating drum is fitted with carbide-tipped teeth that tear through clumps and burrow into the earth. To smooth a surface and grade it, secure the drum for a box blade effect. To prepare the soil while following the terrain's contours, place the drum in the float position. The soil conditioner is a valuable, cost-effective attachment that every landscaping crew should have. The soil conditioner attachment helps to pulverize the earth more quickly and efficiently. With this, you may make fewer passes with the tractor and reduce labor costs significantly. Besides, you can also attach a dingo soil cultivator attachment to prepare the soil.

Dingo Snow Plow

Dingo Snow Plow MCO6066D54 Available in 48" and 54"

Dingo Brush Grapple

Dingo Brush Grapple MCO300D34 Grapple opens up to 42" Made from 3/8" AR400 Available in 34" only

Dingo Tree Spade

Tree Spade Made out of 5/16” steel with a sharp edge, this attachment is perfect for completely transplanting trees and shrubbery. Dig holes for incoming trees or places trees in new locations easily and efficiently. Perfect for nurseries and landscaping needs.