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Bobcat and Dingo Land Leveler

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The Bobcat and Dingo Land Leveller is made to level and grade rough terrain. Its sturdy structure allows it to tackle a variety of earthmoving duties. This tool is ideal for creating smooth and level surfaces in landscaping, building, and site preparation operations.
  • Versatile Land Leveling: The Bobcat and Dingo Land Leveler is adept at grading and leveling uneven terrain, making it suitable for landscaping, construction, and site preparation.
  • Durable Construction: Built with robust materials, this attachment ensures long-lasting performance and reliability in demanding work environments.
  • Efficient Operation: Its design allows for efficient material distribution, minimizing the need for additional passes and reducing overall project time and effort.

Bobcat Grapple Bucket

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The Bobcat Grapple Bucket is a versatile attachment designed to easily handle various materials such as logs, rocks, and debris. Its rugged construction and strong grapple arms ensure efficient grabbing and lifting. Perfect for land clearing, construction, and landscaping tasks.
  • Robust Construction: The Bobcat Grapple Bucket is built with heavy-duty materials to withstand demanding tasks and provide long-lasting durability.
  • Powerful Grapple Arms: Equipped with strong hydraulic grapple arms, it allows for secure and efficient grabbing, lifting, and transporting of various materials.
  • Versatile Applications: This attachment is ideal for tasks like land clearing, debris removal, and material handling, making it a valuable tool for construction, landscaping, and agricultural projects.
Made in the USA

Dingo and Bobcat Angle Broom

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This  Angle Broom is designed for heavy-duty sweeping of dirt, snow, and other unwanted material. It quickly mounts to your mini skid steer.
  • 21 3/8" Bristle Diameter
  • Direct-Drive design
  • Hydraulic angling (optional)
  • Angles 25° to the right and left
  • Comes standard with storage stands

Dingo and Bobcat Soil Conditioner

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This Soil Conditioner is ideal for grading, resurfacing gravel roads, preparing the ground for a new seedbed or turf, paving, removing surface rocks, removing roots, and much more. (Available for Mini Bobcat walk behinds MCO30BSC48)
  • Carbide teeth
  • Greaseable pivot points
  • Greaseable Bearing
  • Endplates are removable with 4 pins
  • Manually angle 20 degrees in either direction
  • Wheels are adjustable
  • Legs are foldable or removable for transportation or storage
  • 48″ drum

Dingo and Bobcat Tiller

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Introducing the Dingo tiller for bobcat Designed to revolutionize your soil cultivation with unmatched efficiency. This attachment is designed to fit perfectly on Dingo and Bobcat loaders, effortlessly breaking up soil and providing optimal preparation for planting and landscaping projects.
  • Efficient Tilling: Quickly and effectively breaks up soil for planting and gardening.
  • Adjustable Depth: Allows for precise depth control to suit various soil types and gardening needs.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand tough tilling tasks, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Dingo and Toro Pallet Fork

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Equipped with 36” long adjustable forks and with a lift capacity of 1,800 lbs., this set of pallet forks is perfect for getting in and out of tight spaces on your job site. The 31” frame is designed to fit through 36”doors and its 1” x 3” tines provide ample strength for even the toughest loads. 42” forks are also available for this attachments attachment.
  • Versatile Lifting: Designed for secure lifting and transportation of various materials and objects.
  • Easy Attachment: Quick and hassle-free attachment to Dingo and Toro equipment.
  • Sturdy Build: Constructed with durability in mind to handle heavy loads and rugged conditions.

Dingo Auger

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The Dingo Auger is a multi-purpose attachment for Dingo compact utility loaders. It's perfect for digging holes for fence posts, planting trees, and other tasks. Its robust hydraulic system allows it to handle a wide range of soil conditions, making it an essential equipment for landscaping and building tasks.
  • Powerful Digging: The Dingo Auger is equipped with a high-powered hydraulic system that allows it to efficiently dig holes in various soil types, saving time and effort.
  • Versatile Attachments: This dingo auger attachment comes with a range of auger bit sizes, making it suitable for different tasks such as fence post installation, tree planting, and more.
  • Easy Operation: Designed to be user-friendly, the toro dingo Auger can be easily operated by the Dingo compact utility loader operator, enabling precise and controlled digging operations.

Dingo Brush Cutter

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Cuts up to 3" diameter trees, brush, and grass
  • Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor with relief valves
  • 3 AR400 cutting blades
  • Hydraulic braking stops the flywheel quicker
  • Spindle Guard and Motor Guard
  • Standard Flow Only

Dingo Root Rake

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The toro dingo brush grapple is intended for use with Dingo loaders. It has powerful, serrated tines that grasp and hold a variety of things, from branches to garbage. This attachment increases the adaptability of the loader for effective clearing and cleanup jobs. Its tough design assures long-lasting performance in harsh situations.
  • Serrated Tines: The Dingo Brush Grapple is equipped with sharp serrated tines that effectively grab and secure materials for efficient clearing.
  • Versatile Use: This attachment is designed to work with Dingo loaders, allowing them to handle a wide range of tasks, from debris removal to land clearing.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand tough conditions, the Dingo Brush Grapple features sturdy materials and robust design, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

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