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Skid-Steer Back Hoe

Model MCO8001012 MCO8001018 MCO8001024 Weight 635 lbs 665 lbs 695 lbs Bucket Size 12” 18” 24” Cylinder Size 3 x

John Deere Rock Bucket

The Melecio Attachments Inc. 54′ John Deere Rock Bucket was created especially for the John Deere Series 1 and Series 2 subcompact tractor range. It's meant to operate as a bigger skid loader rock bucket with a 2, 3, or 4-inch tine spacing along with John Deere tractors. Here are some key benefits;
  • Cost-effective Design: The 5 Foot Fine Grade John Deere Rock Buckets are compatible with John Deere loaders. The thickened sidewall thickness of 0.5 inches provides strong support. A 4 x 4inch 9gauge tubular steel support has been added to the top of this rock and debris bucket, which adds to the structural stability other rock buckets lack.

Heavy Duty Round Bucket

Heavy Duty Round Bucket 3/16″ gauge reinforced wrapper 3/4″ x 6″ wear-resistant steel tapered cutting edge 5/16″ mounting brackets with

Telehandler Light Material Bucket

Telehandler Light Material Bucket Heavy Duty light material bucket made out of 3/16" formed, reinforced wrapper and 1/2" x 4" wear bars. 3/4" x 8" wear resistant steel cutting edge.  Mounting brackets fit most Telehandlers and medium sized wheel loaders.

Skid Steer Side Dump Bucket

The side dump buckets from Melecio Attachments Inc. are versatile for a wide range of tasks, including tunnel excavation, river embankment building, trench filling and road demolition in sand, gravel, loose dirt, and rock. It is also a side dump bucket for skid steer as you can easily opt for this attachment. This distinctive bucket may be used as a typical bucket with the addition of a detachable handle. It's ideal for working in crowded work environments and hard-to-maneuver areas, as well as being capable of dumping forward for conventional use.

Skid-Steer Snow Bucket – Medium Duty

Medium Duty, 3/4" x 6" cutting edge, wear bars 1/2" x 4"  40″ deep and 32″ tall with Universal Quick Attach. Moves larges volumes of snow or other loose materials efficiently.

Skid-Steer Low Profile Category I Bucket

Skid-Steer Low Profile Utility Category I Bucket This low profile dirt bucket is made of 3/16” steel for long lasting durability. Pick up and transport materials on your job site quick and easy with this attachment.
We also offer Serrated Edge bolt as optional

Small Wheel Loader Brush Grapple Bucket

WHEEL LOADER BRUSH GRAPPLE BUCKET Built with 1/2” T1 high-strength steel for longer durability 1 1/4” diameter pins, all grease-able pivots pins, and two independent 4000 PSI cylinders, this grapple is great for nurseries, land clearing, logging, scrap yards, landscaping, construction and farming.

Skid-Steer Material Bucket – Heavy Duty

HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL BUCKET With a 3/16” gauge formed, reinforced wrapper, 1/2” x 4” wear bars, 3/16” end plates, and 3/4” x 6” wear resistant cutting edge, this heavy duty material bucket will be able to make light work of heavy  material. Mounting brackets fit skid-steer or compact tractors. Optional bolt-on or weld-on teeth and bolt-on edge are available.

Skid-Steer Low Profile Category II Bucket

Skid-Steer Low Profile Category II Bucket Made with a 3/16" formed reinforced wrapper and a 1/2" x 4" wear bar, reinforced upper latch, optional bolt-on edge and teeth, and over-sized step for easy access, this heavy duty low profile bucket can fit in tight spaces and handle the toughest of loads.
We also offer Serrated Edge bolt as optional

Skid-Steer Rock Bucket

  • Utility
  • Heavy Duty