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Skid Steer Stump Bucket

Melecio Attachments Inc. now has the utmost heavy duty skid steer stump bucket in the business thanks to the new Severe Duty stump bucket, which is an improvement over our previous skid steer stump bucket. Large stumps can be removed quickly, and it can easily pry up rocks because to its long profile and arched bottom. With the teeth on the side of the bucket, it reaches deep beneath the stump and shreds the roots. This skid steer stump bucket can also be used to dig ditches and swales, remove asphalt and sidewalks, and pry up old fence posts.

Telehandler Light Material Bucket

Telehandler Light Material Bucket Heavy Duty light material bucket made out of 3/16" formed, reinforced wrapper and 1/2" x 4" wear bars. 3/4" x 8" wear resistant steel cutting edge.  Mounting brackets fit most Telehandlers and medium sized wheel loaders.

Skid Steer Side Dump Bucket

The side dump buckets from Melecio Attachments Inc. are versatile for a wide range of tasks, including tunnel excavation, river embankment building, trench filling and road demolition in sand, gravel, loose dirt, and rock. It is also a side dump bucket for skid steer as you can easily opt for this attachment. This distinctive bucket may be used as a typical bucket with the addition of a detachable handle. It's ideal for working in crowded work environments and hard-to-maneuver areas, as well as being capable of dumping forward for conventional use.

Skid-Steer Rock Grapple Bucket

  • Utility
  • Heavy Duty
  • Compatible with the new Bobcat skid-steers. Grapples will clear the couplers.

Skid-Steer Brush Grapple Bucket

'- Utility - Curved or Tapered Tips - Construction - Curved or Tapered Tips - Compatible with the new Bobcat skid-steers. Grapples will clear the couplers.

Skid-Steer Material Bucket – Heavy Duty

HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL BUCKET With a 3/16” gauge formed, reinforced wrapper, 1/2” x 4” wear bars, 3/16” end plates, and 3/4” x 6” wear resistant cutting edge, this heavy duty material bucket will be able to make light work of heavy  material. Mounting brackets fit skid-steer or compact tractors. Optional bolt-on or weld-on teeth and bolt-on edge are available.

Skid-Steer Low Profile Category II Bucket

Skid-Steer Low Profile Category II Bucket Made with a 3/16" formed reinforced wrapper and a 1/2" x 4" wear bar, reinforced upper latch, optional bolt-on edge and teeth, and over-sized step for easy access, this heavy duty low profile bucket can fit in tight spaces and handle the toughest of loads.
We also offer Serrated Edge bolt as optional

Skid-Steer Rock Bucket

  • Utility
  • Heavy Duty

Skid-Steer Root Rake Grapple

UTILITY ROOT RAKE GRAPPLE Built with high-strength 1/2” T1 steel, this attachment allows you to remove the toil and leave the soil at your job site with aggressive tine and grapple profiles that lock material in place and stabilize during transport. Replaceable tine teeth and metal backing to protect the hydraulic cylinders add further durability and longevity to this versatile product. The leading edge of the grapple travels in a range of motion that pulls material into the bucket area to optimize its large capacity for brush and debris. This Root Rake Grapple is also available for John Deere.

72″ Tooth Bar for Buckets

You will need to drill one matching hole on each end of the buckets sidewall and bolt the Toothbar on with 5/8" or 3/4" diameter bolts - length as required. This Toothbar will work ONLY on buckets with weld-on cutting edges! We have Toothbars for bolt-on cutting edges available to list on our eBay Store, but we will need dimensions for fabrication and pricing to provide us with the required dimensions we have different size's available. This is a very heavy duty Toothbar, good for buckets on tractors or skid-steers. They make a dramatic improvement in digging and clean up of all types of material, multiplying the work of the tractor and the bucket! They will pay for themselves quickly! Weighs about 90 lbs.

Skid-Steer Snow Bucket – Heavy Duty


  • Moves larges volumes of snow or other loose materials efficiently
  • Built with 3/16” steel
  • 3/4” x 6” Cutting Edge
  • 1/2” x 4” Wear Bars
  • Cut-out Back Plate For Better Visibility
  • Quickly Attaches To All Skid-Steers and Small Wheel  Loaders

Skid-Steer Grapple Bucket

Compatible with the new Bobcat skid-steers. Grapples will clear the couplers.